Bubbly Day

(Personal Task Management & TODO)

Helps you plan, organize and manage your to-dos which illustrates tasks as bubbles.

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App Features

Bubbly Day is a personal task management app. In this app, tasks are defined as bubbles with different sizes and colors. This classification helps users to make full use of their visual memory.

Unique bubbly illustration of tasks

This app shows the daily tasks in bubbles with different sizes accoridng to the task duration and user's own flavour of color. In fact this design is been implemented for the first time ever in iOS.

Stay on top of the tasks

This app helps you to get hold of the tasks in your mind to simply get them off and capture them. Users can very quickly capture any task that is in their mind.

Helps to monitor the accomplishments

The overview list of past tasks allows users to see the number of finished/accomplished tasks vs. the number of unfinished tasks. This helps users to constantly monitor their accomplishments.

Why is Bubbly Day a great personal task management app?

Our daily life is pursued by various tasks with different types and levels of complexity. Each of them influence our future and many of them are indeed challenging. Regardless of being business related tasks or personal ones, they all require a competent management. In order to get hold of these tasks and be on top of them, one needs a simple and visual task management tool which helps to organize and manage them. Based on the pervious researches, in average our visual memory is 3 times more powerful than our verbal memory. Therefore having a task management app which make more use of our visual memory can have tremendous affects on the overall task management.

By taking this fact into account, we have implemented a beautiful task management app which visualises the daily tasks and activities in bubbles with different sizes to make use of our visual memory. The bubble sizes illustrate the unit of time that you have allocated to each task. In this case, you can quickly and simply visualize the remaining tasks of day as well as their required effort with various bubble sizes. Bubbles can also have various colors to help you not only see the task sizes but also the priorities that you define. More specifically, Bubbly Day provides you various unique benefits:

  • Simplicity and user friendliness The simple and user friendly design of the app allows you to simply and quickly add a new task (bubble) and accordingly modify it or set it to finish. It also offers a nice overview or previous (past) tasks to know how many of the tasks that you have defined are generally finished and how many have remained unfinished.
  • Prioritize This app offers a unique bubbly design of the tasks which quickly informs you about all of your tasks (bubbles) with their corresponding size and color. Their size show the unit of time that has been allocated to the task and the color is your own flavour for prioritisation.
  • Accountability The act of writing tasks down in itself holds you accountable to get it done. Once you write it down, you have given it life and now are creating a plan to accomplish the goals you would like to see completed.
  • Rescheduling, organizing and review It could be that for some reasons, one task is postponed or cancelled. If it is postponed, you can quickly modify the bubble. If it is cancelled, you can simply delete it. Accordingly, it could be that an unexpected tasks comes up or even takes precedence in importance. In this case you can simply add this tasks when you are finished, set it to finished and continue with your previous tasks.
  • Feeling Productive Nowadays we all have many tasks to do per day. The moment we record the tasks, we get them off the head. This gives us a back control. It also gives a positive productive feeling and this alone worth alot.
  • Helps you to Delegate The moment you record all of your tasks, you will realize there are indeed many tasks which can be delegated. This will indirectly increase your collaboration and frees up your backlog of work.
  • Relieves Stress Last but not least, it helps you to relieve your stress. In fact as you accomplish your tasks, your bubbles become less. Seeing you are moving forward efficiently, psychologically it helps you to relax more. In this case, having a break-time will no longer make you nervous. We even suggest you to schedule your break to have a complete plan.